Monday, December 1, 2014

Help give a better holiday to families of Wounded Warriors!

Many of you don't know this, but Sweet Blossoms is not yet my full time job.  As my company is still growing, I work during the week for Easter Seals.  One of the many great services provided by Easter Seals is The Little Warrior Program which provides free childcare for children of Wounded Warriors in collaboration with the US Army Child Youth and School Services.  The children and families of Wounded Warriors are faced with many challenges, including relocation to be with the wounded parent as he or she receives rehabilitation services as well as adjusting to the new reality of living with and caring for a parent with a new disability.  Currently my center provides services for 6 families, several of whom have multiple children.  These kiddos are going through so much and I would just love to help give them a happier holiday!

By clicking on the link below, you can make a donation of any denomination, to help these families.  Sweet Blossoms will match each donation, up to $500, to be divided equally among these amazing families.

**This solicitation is being done solely on behalf of myself and Sweet Blossoms.  This post is being published with Easter Seals' permission, but NOT on its behalf.**

***This opportunity is now closed!  Thanks to all who donated!***

Monday, November 24, 2014

Megan's Wedding at Army Navy Country Club

When Megan came to me with the theme "Black Tie meets Garden Chic," I knew I had to be a part of this wedding!  She wanted lots of light colors with lots of textures and a few darker elements.  The happy couple was married at The Old Post Chapel on Fort Meyer, and their reception was at the beautiful Army Navy Country Club.  I had so much fun with these designs, and I hope you enjoy them just as much.

Meg's bouquet is one of my favorites so far.  This whimsical bouquet is made of beautiful Alabaster garden roses, silver brunia berries, white ranunculus, cream roses, local white dahlias, white scabiosa, white astilbe, white dendrobium orchids, accented with silver dollar eucalyptus leaves and silvery succulents.  That gorgeous fabric around her bouquet is actually a piece of her mother's dress (including little white buttons) which was cut to fit the bouquet.  We also attached an Irish horseshoe charm.  I loved all the personal touches!


The bridesmaid bouquets were smaller versions of the bride's bouquet!

The centerpieces also incorporated some sweet little chocolate cosmos flying high up over the other flowers as well as some feathery agonis foliage.  I loved using these darker elements to add depth to these designs.

Can we also just talk about this gorgeous ballroom??  Beautiful chandeliers and multiple fireplaces...just stunning.  It's hard to see it, but the room has a round wall full of french doors that open up to a balcony that overlooks a huge green golf course.  I was completely blown away!

Here are a few more of my favorite images.  Thank you so much to Beth at Beth T Photography for the lovely pictures!



Such fun flowers in such an elegant venue!  Stephen and Megan were a wonderful couple to work with and I am so happy to be able to share these with you!  I leave you with one last picture of the happy couple-isn't she just lovely??

All images provided by Beth at Beth T Photography

Saturday, November 8, 2014

More from Nina's Wedding

I finally got a few pictures of Nina and her husband, Arnab.  I love the way the pink and burgundy in the bouquet pick up the tones in her two lovely dresses.


 Isn't she just gorgeous!!??
They look like they are having the time of their lives!  I love both dresses-just gorgeous!

Photography by Regeti's Photography

Monday, November 3, 2014

Vi's Wedding at the Marriott Gaithersburg Washingtonian Center

I'm so happy to share Vi's wedding with you!  Vi wanted simple white and green flowers with navy accents.  After several revisions, we came up with some gorgeous designs that even included a favorite flower to remind Vi of her grandmother.  I'm proud to say that more than half of the flowers used in this wedding were grown in the United States, something that has become increasingly important to Sweet Blossoms over the last year!

Vi's bouquet was made up of only freesia, ranunculus and tulips.  The bridesmaids carried bouquets of white tulips, to remind Vi of her grandmother.

Vi had an adorable flower girl who got to wear a one-of-a-kind flower halo made of white spray roses and sea star fern.  I love the accent of the green with the white flowers!

There was one more cutie who helped Vi make her way to the aisle.

Here are some more of my favorite pictures from the day.  Vi's married name is Vi King!  Get it?  Viking? I love plays on words!

 I love the blue ribbon details on Vi's bouquet of satin, organza and a two-toned wired ribbon to finish of her satin-wrapped bouquet.


I love when the couple has fun foot attire!  These two had real flare!  

The boutonnieres were made of white spray roses and accented with sea star fern.  I loved using the spiky leaves of the fern to incorporate green into the design.  

The altar arrangements were created with white larkspur, Bells of Ireland, jumbo white hydrangea and green hanging amaranthus.  I love the way the amaranthus dripped from the top of the vase! 

Thanks so much to Ann Hoang from Anny Photography for the beautiful images!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pretty, pretty peonies!

So typically we think of peonies as a sign of spring and summer, but did you know there's a fall season for peonies too?  They will not be American Grown, they will be imported but if you simply MUST have peonies for your wedding, know that they are also available in the late fall.  I love peonies-they are like fluffy little clouds of sweetness that make every bouquet more beautiful.  They also remind me of my sister, as they are one of her favorites.  Here are some of my favorite peony bouquets.  I hope you might find some inspiration in these images!

A Day in Provence + Agape Moments
 I love these big, fluffy, white peonies.  The simplicity of this bouquet is in the choice of one single stunning flower, accented with only greens.  Lovely!

A Garden Party +Jeff Anderson Photography
The combination of the soft ruffles of the peonies with the spiky greens, and the pops of color make this bouquet one of a kind.

Alicia Jayne Florals + Stacey Windsor Photography
 These yellow peonies look a little different than the typical ruffly peonies.  These are tree peonies and they have a slightly different look.  I love the complimentary colors of purple and yellow together-they give great contrast which really helps each flower to stand out.

Katelyn James Photography + Pat's Floral Design
Coral has become a very popular color for weddings in the last few years.  The two shades of coral with the white peonies create a gorgeous contrast to the bride's dress.
Kelly Dillon Photography + Exquisite Linens And Florals
These peonies have blush colored outer petals with a pure white center.  The effect as a very soft, feminine light pink bouquet!

Nave Event Design + Vitalic Photo
I love these bold, burgundy peonies!  When you have such a bold bloom like this, you don't need other flowers!  This bride even had the guts to put one in her hair, too!  Just beautiful!

Sweet Blossoms + Candance Schwab Photography
I loved making this bouquet for Beth.  She asked for peonies and a bouquet that would compliment daisies, her mother's favorite flower.  We chose a creamy off-white peony to compliment the yellows from the daisies and tulips.  There's something so special about being able to create a bouquet that has a special meaning for the bride!

I hope these images have inspired you!  There are so many different colors and types of peonies!  No matter which you pick, a peony will add something truly special to your bouquet.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nina's bouquet

So I had the sweetest bride who called me this summer.  Nina only needed a few bouquets, and her colors were burgundy and pink-a color combination that I have been dying to design with!  I practically begged her to let me have complete design control, and I think because I was so enthusiastic, she agreed.  I am so in love with this bouquet and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

For this bouquet, we used Hearts roses, pink cymbidium orchids, pink godetia, light pink calla lilies, white spray roses, red dahlias, burgundy scabiosas, pink limonium and agonis leaves.

Friday, October 10, 2014

English Inspired Country Wedding in Purple and White

I am so thrilled to have my work featured on Hey Wedding Lady this morning!  I loved the designs for this wedding, and I'm so happy that people want to see more!  Please follow the link below to see the feature!

Monday, October 6, 2014

White, White, and more White

Sometimes nothing says modern elegance better than an all-white arrangement.  Don't get me wrong, I love big bold color!  I also love blushes, ivories, and creams.  But sometimes, the absence of color makes just as bold of a statement.  For those of you thinking that you'd like to have an all-white bouquet or centerpiece, here are some gorgeous ideas for you!

Brandon Lata Photography + Sara York Grimshaw
 This bouquet is all white (ok, there's a hint of grey in there...) but what I love is that no texture was lost by eliminating the color.  The wild-flowery look is accomplished by using many different kinds of flowers, while the all white color palette makes it a classic!

Chelsea Anne Photography and Parties and Petals
I can't even imagine how good this bouquet smells-even the bride got caught smelling her bouquet of lilies!

Gabriel Ryan + Nisie's Enchanted Florist
 Ok, so technically, there's some green in here.  But in this bouquet, the greens really act as a neutral.  The gardenias and roses create a simple, yet elegant bouquet that needs no other accent other than the very leaves that came with the flowers.  This is a great way to get a natural look that would work indoors or outdoors.

Holly Chapple Florals + Sweet Pea Photography
Sometimes all you need is two blooms to make an impact!  Here, the amaryllis blooms act as a simple bouquet, and ribbon accents are used to tie in the color.
Jasmine Star + Nisie's Enchanted Florist
For a truly classic look, consider using only one type of flower.  There are not many flowers more elegant and sleek than these phalaenopsis orchids.

Kimberly Salem Photography + Denise Fasanello Flowers
I love the look of having small bouquets of the same flower in separate vases.  Paired with white candles, it's easy to create a modern and elegant table arrangement.

RomaBea Images + Brassavolas Floral Couture
I love this combination of soft hydrangeas and feathers, with the spiky lilies, and dripping orchids.  Beautiful!

Sebasta Design, LLC + Liz and Ryan Photography
This romantic bouquet is just full of sweet, ruffly flowers that create a classic, round bouquet.  Perfect for any bride wanting a classic look.

Sweet Blossoms + Elliott O'Donovan Photography
 Hard to go wrong with a bouquet of peonies.  Don't they just look like little clouds?

Sweet Blossoms + Leo DJ Photography
I loved using the different textures of the spiky calla lily tips, with the soft roses, and the flowing ostrich feathers for this bouquet.  Don't be afraid to add non-floral elements!  Feathers add a great new texture to any bouquet or centerpiece.

As you can see, an all-white bouquet is far from boring!  They can be elegant, modern, or romantic, and they are always a classic.  I hope you enjoyed these inspiring photos as much as I do!